Our Process

How we scale & accelerate your impact.


It all starts with a challenge.

Our workshops are the result of working with over 100 partners to craft a high touch, high tech approach to innovation. It takes just four weeks, is highly interactive, and just plain fun.
This part of our process centers on a discovery phase involving a series of workshops to identify an organization’s goals and challenges, and ideate on solutions and next steps. Workshops include audits of existing practices and tools and result in user stories, goals, roadmaps and strategies.

How to Roadmap with CauseLabs

Drawing Boards

In two online sessions a week apart, we refine the challenge, identify a mix of people to serve as touchpoints throughout the process, and call out the hunches, assumptions, and hypothesis that will inform what we tackle in Workshops.


Working shoulder to shoulder and armed with information & empathy from Drawing Boards, we leverage activities that create a slew of ideas, test them quickly, and validate them on-site with key touchpoints. All in two days’ time.


After the excitement of Workshops, we synthesize the best concepts into a clear roadmap that outlines next steps: What we need to build, how long it’ll take, and the investment of time and funding required to make it happen. Our roadmaps help drive confident decisions.


Validating solutions & prototyping the results.

Architects spend considerable time ensuring that plans for a home take into consideration the experience its owners want to have there, what will keep them safe, and what will meet and exceed requirements and desired certifications.
We take the same level of care with the creative technology solution you need in order to accelerate and scale the impact you are creating in the world.

How to Blueprint with CauseLabs

Design Rounds and Usability Sessions

Our process goes beyond traditional methods by ensuring that we validate design approaches with touch-points and by modeling experiences using real content and data whenever possible.

Blueprint Clickable Prototype

This phase results in a robust document and, when necessary, a clickable prototype that brings the technology to a point of tangibility that makes you confident in taking the next steps. Tears of joy anticipating the innovation getting built are not uncommon at this stage.


Innovation is just invention until it’s in the hands of people, making a difference.

Our breakthrough process is all about the hard work of building out the experience at hand through an agile process.
For products, we design assets, develop code, test, iterate and release the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
For programs & strategies this phase includes physical assets, training materials, change management, and implementation.

How to Breakthrough with CauseLabs

Alpha Release

The alpha release will focus on the core experience that serves as the heart of the platform. All other features will either be mere stubs or go untouched altogether. Our goal is to ensure we get the core of the innovation right, then build and iterate from there.

Beta Release

The Beta phase takes into account learnings from the Alpha release, and integrates the features that round out the experience. Beta release will be functionally complete but still carry some known issues as well as lack comprehensive testing across operating systems and/or devices.

Release & Pilot

This phase is all about coordinating the team involved in the product development cycle with other teams such as marketing and communications, as well as planning for a smooth introduction of the technology into a broader pilot phase that will allow us to listen and learn about what works and what doesn’t in a limited-release environment.

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