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As part of a project to create a turn-key financial literacy platform to be used in schools, we spent time with teachers to understand how they use technology in the classroom. Learn more about our work on $martPath.

Our clients partner with us because our approach goes beyond traditional methods, leading to creative technology solutions that accelerate and scale impact.

A web platform to support social entrepreneurs worldwide.

For Village Capital

An online experience to balance your city’s budget.

For BalancingAct

A web and mobile app suite to empower youth toward economic prosperity.

For Moneythink

A web platform to power reading
success for every student.

For Reading in Motion

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Creative Technology Solutions

How we accelerate & scale your mission.


This part of our process centers on a discovery phase involving a series of workshops to identify an organization’s goals and challenges, and ideate on solutions and next steps.

Workshops include audits of existing practices and tools and result in user stories, goals, roadmaps and strategies.


Architects spend considerable time ensuring that plans for a home take into consideration the experience its owners want to have there, what will keep them safe, and what will meet and exceed requirements and certifications.

We take the same level of care with the creative technology solution you need in order to accelerate and scale the impact you are creating in the world.


Our breakthrough process is all about the hard work of building out the experience at hand through an agile process.

For products, we design assets, develop code, test, iterate and release the Minimum Viable Product. For programs & strategies this phase includes physical assets, training materials, change management, and implementation.

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"In CauseLabs, we’ve found a partner in our arts-based literacy mission, not just a technology vendor. The CauseLabs team continues to bring passion and new ideas that demonstrate a commitment to our program’s usability."

– Karl Androes
Executive Director, Reading In Motion

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